Loans & Credit Cards

Harvard FCU members enjoy easy access to credit with a wide range of consumer-friendly borrowing options.

Home Loans: Home Financing is one of Harvard FCU’s specialties. We’ve helped thousands of members to reach their goals, whether buying a new home, refinancing their current home, or tapping into the equity they have built. Our diverse home loan options include a variety of Mortgage and Home Equity products.

Auto Loans: Whether you’re buying a new car, boat or RV, or just looking to refinance your vehicle for a better rate, Harvard FCU has Auto Loans for every need, including discounts for automatic payments and eco-friendly vehicles and financing up to 110%1.

Credit Cards: If you’re looking for a gimmick-free card with great rates and simple terms, you’ll love Harvard FCU’s Platinum MasterCard. Want a more rewarding experience? Our Platinum Rewards card offers cash back on every purchase, plus bonus points for gas and groceries2.

Specialty Loans: Got a more specific need? Harvard FCU offers a variety of other loan programs that cover everything from holiday shopping and vacation expenses, to home improvement and debt consolidation.

1. Certain credit restrictions apply.
2. Bonus points awarded on the first $1,500 spent in bonus categories (combined) during each quarter.