Welcome to Harvard FCU! 

The Harvard Federal Credit Union (Harvard FCU) is Harvard University’s not-for-profit financial institution, exclusively serving Harvard University and its teaching hospitals. As a not-for-profit cooperative, we reinvest our earnings to give you lower transaction fees, better rates, and enhanced service.

Harvard FCU provides banking and personal finance services to our international members while they are in Boston/Cambridge area and beyond. You do not need a Social Security number or to be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to become an Harvard FCU member.

The Hub of Your Financial Life

There’s no better way to unlock the full value of your membership than with a Harvard FCU checking account. Choose from a variety of options and enjoy simple terms and straight –forward value, with benefits like, Premium Interest, Cash-back on Debit Purchases, and ATM Fee Refunds.

Convenience and Value in Your Pocket

Harvard FCU offers a selection of credit cards that are simple to use and easy to understand. You’ll find no gimmicks or hidden fees here, but you will get exceptional benefits including Generous Rewards Programs, Great Rates, and Low Fees.

Smart and Simple Home Financing

At Harvard FCU, home loans are our specialty! Whether you are buying a new home or refinancing your existing mortgage, our expert team will find the perfect solution for you and help you every step of the way.

Better Ways to Tackle Tuition

Looking to refinance or consolidate your student loans? Need help paying your child’s tuition? Harvard FCU has you covered with several education loan program options to choose from. We also offer a variety of Graduate Loan Programs specifically tailored for our partners.

Getting Started

International students are eligible for Harvard FCU membership.

Students who have applied for an Education Loan and have a Social Security Number (SSN) and a U.S. address may apply for membership here.

Students who have applied for an Education Loan and do not have a Social Security Number and a U.S. address may apply for membership here. This application allows students to open their required share savings account only. Applicants will be asked to enter 000-00-0000 in place of a SSN.

Students who are not borrowing an Education Loan, and/or who do not have a Social Security Number, will need to have a branch team member process their application.

International scholars and fellows with a Harvard ID or Harvard-affiliate ID (link to Membership Eligibility – Harvard Federal Credit Union (harvardfcu.org)) can open an account a Harvard FCU branch. They should obtain a ITIN within 30 days and notify Harvard FCU with the ITIN provided. These accounts can only be opened when they arrive in the US and the member comes to a branch with evidence of a US residential address, their HUID or MGH ID, a valid passport and initial $5.00 deposit to open the account.

Family with a SSN can open an account but will need a US address to do so online. Family without a SSN do not qualify for membership.

*Anyone opening an account without a SSN will need to complete a W-8 BEN form. We cannot open an account for a citizen living in a US sanctioned country.

Your account will be opened within 10 days of receiving your application and supporting documentation. Once your account is opened we will send your account information in a secure email, as well as instructions for accessing Harvard FCU’s Online Banking and Mobile Banking App.

Debit cards and checks can only be requested and issued once you arrive in the United States. Once you’re here, you can update your mailing address, and submit a request.

Banking with Harvard FCU

  • Harvard FCU will fund the initial $5 deposit for international students without a SSN who are borrowing an Education Loan with Harvard FCU.
  • International applicants with a U.S. address and a SSN may fund their accounts via debit/credit card, or external bank transfer (ACH).
  • Those who need to open their account in person can deposit cash upon opening the account, or initiate a wire transfer with their bank in their home country using the account information provided at opening.

For international members opening the account via DocuSign, you will receive an email with instructions with the account number and how to transfer funds via wire.

Once a member always a member! You can keep your account with Harvard FCU and continue to use it around the world. Please remember as you move it’s important to always update your address in online banking. If you wish to close the account you can do so by visiting a branch before you leave or electing to wire the funds after you have returned home. Please note you will want to maintain activity once every three years to avoid your account being placed in a dormant status and transferred to the Division of Abandoned Property with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

To open an account in the branch an international student needs to bring a passport, Harvard ID or Harvard acceptance letter and an initial deposit of $5.00 for the savings and checking account. If the intended member is not a student they need their passport and Harvard ID, initial deposit and proof of address (utility bill or rental agreement is acceptable).

If the member currently has an account with Harvard FCU and wants to apply for a credit card, they may do so if they have a SSN, are over the age of 21, and have a U.S. address.

Thrive Financial Wellness: Learn to Live Your Best Money Life

THRIVE, Harvard FCU’s financial wellness program, brings award winning personal finance education and expertise to members.

Online Courses

Our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness offer members financial counseling and helpful resources like these courses:

Financial Wellness Blogs

Why Join a Credit Union

Becoming a Credit Union member means that you’ll have access to top-quality benefits and products with a level of personal service that you won’t find at a bank.