Convenient and secure spending with just a tap.

Your Harvard FCU credit and debit cards are compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay so you can conveniently make purchases with compatible devices. Plus, when your cards are reissued, they can be updated with the click of a button before you even get your card in the mail.

Apple Pay is used with iPhones 6 or later running iOS 8.1 or later.

Getting Started

Open the Wallet app and tap the plus sign to add a supported debit or credit card. You can add up to 12 cards on most devices. Navigate to your wallet anytime to pay with a different card, change your default payment method, and add or remove any of your cards as needed.

Learn more about Apple Pay setup on eligible devices  →

Making a Payment

To make a payment, just hold your compatible Apple device near a participating merchant’s contactless reader. You’ll need to unlock your phone using face ID, touch ID, or your passcode to verify the purchase. A vibration and beep let you know your payment has been accepted.

Note: If your mobile device is ever lost or stolen, you can use the Find My iPhone feature to quickly set your device in Lost Mode, disabling purchasing ability and the ability to get into the phone without a PIN entry. Or, you can wipe all information from your iPhone.

Google Pay is available on almost any smartphone and is great for Android users looking for a digital wallet solution!

Getting Started

To add a card, simply download the Google Pay app and follow the instructions!

Learn more about Google Pay setup on eligible devices  →

Making a Payment

Use Google Pay anywhere you see the contactless payment icon at checkout. Simply unlock your phone and hold it near the terminal; you don’t even need to open the app!

Use your latest compatible Samsung device almost anywhere you shop in person for a simple and secure checkout that will earn you points!

Getting Started

Download the app and follow the instructions to store all of your credit and debit cards. You can even save membership, rewards, and gift cards all in one place!

Learn more about Samsung Pay setup on eligible devices  →

Making a Payment

Just look for the contactless symbol and tap your phone to the terminal to pay. You’ll earn points for every purchase made with Samsung Pay which you can use toward gift cards, products, and more.

Safety and Security

Making payments with your digital wallet — be it through Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay — is easy and secure. Your account information is never shared with a merchant (including your actual credit and debit card numbers) when you make purchases; instead, a virtual account number is used to represent your information, so your details remain protected. Plus, with iPhones and Samsung devices, your identity is verified before payment when you unlock your device.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our Support Team!