Protecting what you love takes planning!

Thanks to a partnership with Gentreo, members have the opportunity to protect what they love with an easy, convenient and affordable estate planning solution. From Wills and Living Trusts to Health Care Proxies and Powers of Attorney, plus a Digital Vault to share any and all, Gentreo is an award-winning estate planning solution built to stay with users throughout their lives.

How it Works

Gentreo provides easy-to-use life and estate planning tools and documents all in one secure digital platform!

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Access Important Documents

All of the documents you need to plan your estate — including state-specific wills, power of attorney, and more — are all stored in one centralized, secure place.

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Make Revisions

It’s important to review and update your estate documents regularly and especially after major life milestones. Gentreo allows you to make unlimited revisions online!

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Share Essential Information

An estate plan that no one knows about is like having no estate plan at all. Luckily, with Gentreo you can easily share documents and information with trusted loved ones, wherever they are.

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Seek Guidance

Gentreo has a team of technical coaches, partner lawyers, and dedicated member service representatives to help you through every step of planning your estate!


Standard Pricing:

  • Enrollment & Year 1 Subscription: $100
  • Years 2 and beyond: $50 / year


Members with an active Harvard FCU Checking Account* will receive a 50% discount if they also have one of the following services, and will receive the Gentreo service at NO COST if they have two of the following services.**

Accounts held jointly will satisfy discount requirements for all owners on the account.

*Checking account must have an ACH or Debit transaction in the month prior to billing to be considered active.
** Services must be present at end month prior to billing to qualify for discounts.

  • Billing will take place on or around the 15th of the month.
  • Eligibility for discounts is based on the month prior to billing.
  • Members will receive the service for free for the balance of the month in which they enroll.
  • You will be charged for the Gentreo service via your Share Savings account

If you’re interested in canceling this service, please visit

Why Have an Estate Plan?

Be Prepared

Each year, 1 in 5 people visit the emergency room, and 1 in 20 people experience the death of a loved one.

Make Your Own Decisions

On average, 3-8% of your net worth will be lost to courts and lawyer fees.

Take Care of Your Loved Ones

Having an estate plan in place eliminates uncertainty for your loved ones and protects your wishes for things like who cares for your children, who inherits your assets, and even what your own healthcare looks like if incapacitated.

Ready to get started?

Interested in Learning More About Estate Planning?

Join our webinars!

Estate Planning 101

As a member of Harvard FCU, protecting your family with estate planning is easy, fast and one of the most valuable benefits you can have. Watch this free webinar to find out how to make sure your family is protected and everyone knows what to do when life happens. Learn what an estate plan is and how to create one based on your life and choices – quickly and affordably. Find out how to store and update important documents and information so everyone knows where to turn. Plus, discover ways to encourage your family members to prepare now and create their own estate plan.


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Talking To Your Family About Estate Planning And Your Affairs

Now you can have more than just politics to talk about around the dinner table! Tune in for Gentreo’s free estate planning webinar to ensure you and your family have all your affairs in order. Learn what estate planning is and why everyone should do it. Find out what questions you should ask and what documents you need to protect your choices and all that you love. Most importantly, learn how to coordinate your information and documents so that everyone is prepared and knows where to find everything when needed.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone over the age of 18 should have an estate plan, regardless of age, race, marital status, or net worth.

Even if you already have an estate plan in place, documents should be reviewed on a regular basis and need to be updated as your life evolves — think, marriage, having children, loss of a loved one, and divorce.

It’s important to make sure someone knows about your estate plan. With Gentreo, it’s easy to share digital copies of your important estate documents. Consider sharing them with family members, your attorney, a financial advisor, and any beneficiaries or close loved ones.

A Guide to Naming Beneficiaries

Interested in Harvard FCU Investing?

Harvard FCU Investment Services, through CFS*, offers valuable, easy-to-understand financial planning and wealth management services to our credit union members.

*Available through CUSO Financial Services, L.P.

Gentreo is directed to users residing in the United States, and documents created using Gentreo are based on the laws of the specific state or territory of the United States in which the user resides. Gentreo documents may not be suitable for those residing outside of the United States.

Gentreo is an independent third-party partner of the Harvard FCU. Any use of the Gentreo service by Harvard FCU members is subject to Gentreo’s terms and conditions.