Fee Schedule Effective January 1, 2022

Account Maintenance1$ 2.50 per month
Abandoned Account Processing$ 50.00
Account Research$ 25.00 per hour ($25 minimum)
Card Replacement$ 20.00
Copy of Paper Statement2$ 5.00 per statement
ATM Withdrawal
Harvard FCU ATMs
Other ATMs3
$ 1.50
Checking Account Monthly Fee4
(unless waived per account agreement)
Crimson Essentials
Crimson Advantage
Crimson Elite

$ 5.00
$ 10.00
$ 20.00
Check Order5Varies
Insufficient Funds (check or electronic) Paid$ 25.00
Insufficient Funds (check or electronic) Returned$ 25.00
Item Paid Against Uncollected Funds$ 10.00
Foreign Check Collection
Canadian Item6
Other Foreign Item6

$ 20.00
$ 35.00
Foreign Currency Conversion Fee1.10% of card transaction amount
Foreign Currency Buy Back Fee$ 15.00
Levy Processing Fee$ 50.00
Money Order$ 4.00
Notary Public
Harvard FCU Members
Non-Harvard FCU Members

$ 1.25
Copy of Check Paid$ 4.00
Online BankingFREE
Online Bill PayFREE
Overdraft Protection(from savings, pre-authorized)$ 5.00
Reference/Verification Letter$ 5.00
Signature Guarantee (Medallion)FREE (Harvard FCU Members Only)
Stop Payment$ 20.00
Tellers Check$ 5.00
Temporary Checks (sheet of four)$4.00
Wire Transfers
Domestic Outgoing
Foreign Outgoing

$ 7.50
$ 18.00
$ 35.00
Priority MailActual fee from service provider (minimum of $20.00)

1. Fee will be waived if more than one active deposit, credit card or loan account exists within the member number, or if share savings account average monthly balance exceeds $500
2. Available without fee for six months
3. May differ according to account agreement. If you use an ATM not operated by Harvard FCU, you may be charged a fee by the operator of that ATM and/or by an automated transfer network
4. In accordance with Chapter 171 of the Massachusetts General Laws, members who are 18 or under or 65 or older may request a checking account free of monthly service charges, free of fees for deposits and withdrawals, and free orders of basic checks upon request.
5. No charge for the first order of basic checks
6. Plus any fee charged by the correspondent bank
7. Fee waived for Harvard FCU checking account holders