At Harvard Federal Credit Union, we pride ourselves on a tradition of excellent service.

We strive to build a more prosperous world by enhancing the financial well-being of all we serve, empowering them to make a positive impact in their lives and communities. We do so by offering trustworthy financial advice and education, as well as a suite of products that are easy to understand, easy to use, and suited to meet the financial needs of our membership.

Our Mission

Positively impact our members’ lives, today and in the future.

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A relationship you can trust.

At Harvard FCU, we believe a brighter world is possible, and that together, we can all help create it. That’s why, since 1939, we’ve helped our members build a strong financial future so they can make an impact in life, wherever it may lead. From students to professionals, from in-branch to online, from new beginnings to lifetime milestones, from Harvard Square to around the world, we deliver the accessible financial tools and resources everyone, everywhere needs to thrive. By coming together to serve, equip and empower people to make a positive impact in their lives and communities, we’re helping build a more prosperous world for all. Join us!

Safe & Sound

Harvard FCU is a federally chartered credit union, organized under strict laws monitored and enforced by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) an agency of the U.S. Government. The NCUA insures each member account for at least $250,000. The Massachusetts Credit Union Share Insurance Corporation (MSIC) insures all deposits that exceed the federal insurance limits of $250,000.

Not for Profit

Like all credit unions, Harvard FCU is a not-for-profit cooperative. We do not have shareholders, and every member owns an equal stake in the institution, regardless of how much money they have on deposit. Any profits the Credit Union earns are returned to the membership in the form of better rates on loans and savings, lower fees and improved services.

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Membership in the Harvard Federal Credit Union is available to many Harvard affiliated organizations. Do you qualify?

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2023 Annual Report

Banking is often a pain, but the service I continue to enjoy from Harvard FCU is a cut above.
Josh Peimer
member since 2018
Harvard FCU was the only financial institution that was willing to give me a chance to repair my credit. I am so pleased with the credit union.
Stacy Lawson
member since 2019
The staff is thoughtful and we feel good about having our money in a credit union instead of a large, corporate bank.
Cheryl Pappas
member since 2015
As a student I have been delighted with the services provided. The support is phenomenal and I would happily recommend Harvard FCU.
Joel Byman
member since 2017
Harvard FCU is a different type of bank. They provide resources and support to help guide me through important financial decisions.
Amy Zhang
member since 2016
I love how I was able to open my account and keep up with it online with an easy to navigate site!
Stephanie Johnson
member since 2020
Financing my new car with Harvard FCU allowed me to save and pay the loan off quickly. It’s great to be part of a member owned bank!
Corinne Espinoza
member since 2007
Never have I ever been turned away or not greeted warmly! I have come in person, I have called, even emailed!
Suzanne Danforth
member since 2006
Customer service is excellent. Even though I was several states away, I worked with a representative who did not give up until my issue was resolved.
Lisa Mauthe
member since 2012
Harvard FCU has been perfect during my time at college and beyond!
William Stainier
member since 2017
ELITE, E is for Efficient service, L is for Listens to customers, I is for community Involvement, T is for Trustworthy, and E is for Evolves.
Ann Lau
member since 2020
I joined 5 years ago and have been happy ever since! Their loan department was super helpful and made sure we were comfortable every step of the way.
Shirley Wai
member since 2016
I've been a loyal member since the 1980s. I love the friendly and personalized service. Such a different experience from the "big" banks!!
Louise Ryan
Member since 1985
Great rates for international transactions, convenient app, great service in person and over the phone!
Natalia L.
member since 2016
Care, love, support: all I need when I walk in these doors!
Jessica Dias-Jayasinghe
member since 2018
Harvard FCU is a great place to take your business. The staff are all kind and work quickly to help you with whatever you need.
Mary Cerra
member since 2004
Harvard FCU has been a wonderful bank with great customer service! It's so nice to know that my money is invested locally.
Alora Rando
member since 2019
I love the Harvard Square branch. They are always there to help in any way. So friendly and caring.
Dorothy Pacheco
member since 2001
I love credit unions and Harvard FCU is by far the best I've joined!
Tony Watt
member since 2017
If you want to bank somewhere that is friendly, helpful, and welcoming, Harvard FCU is the right choice!
Anne Gardsbane
member since 2001
The employees at the Credit Union have always answered questions and have been helpful in finding solutions.
Dorothy Spaulding
member since 1984
Truly amazing customer service and best products. A++. Highly recommend!
Jill Gurvey
member since 2006
I love banking with Harvard FCU. It's great being able to talk to a live, local human when I need help.
Lynne Doncaster
member since 2003
Harvard FCU's friendly staff and flexible opportunities has made for a hassle-free banking experience.
Nicholas Brennan
member since 2019
Harvard FCU is the best of the best.
Mai Huynh
member since 2000
Working at the Longwood Campus, but living closer to Harvard Square, I can say that the service at both branches has always been fantastic.
Sean Charles
member since 2018
Harvard FCU has been more than just a bank or an account - their customer service to help navigate the process of several loans has been incredibly helpful!
Sean Curran
Member since 2009
Harvard FCU has all the products and services I want, but it's the knowledgeable employees who have made me a loyal member.
Mark Boylan
member since 2017
Harvard FCU is by far the best credit union. The people and the product offerings are amazing!
Kathleen Rozek
member since 2002
The kind, professional people who work for Harvard FCU are my favorite people! They are always helpful! They are there for everyone!
Yvette LeClair
member since 2002
The customer service is beyond world-class! I am glad to be part of an institution that puts its members ahead of everything else.
Vinish Aravindakshan
member since 2020
Thank you Harvard FCU for the great banking experiences. If you are looking for a Relationship Bank meeting all your banking needs Harvard FCU is a go-to bank.
Lhakpa Bhuti
member since 2012
I've been a member of the Harvard FCU since the 1970s. Thank you Harvard FCU for a positive banking experience!
Elizabeth Porter
Member since the 1970's
I love, love, love Harvard FCU. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to help and there is good information on the website.
Jenita Blair
member since 2001
I love this credit Union. The customer service is excellent. I also referred my daughter who is also having a great experience!
Patricia West
member since 2001
I love Harvard FCU! Harvard FCU shows the best of what cooperative banking can be.
Matt Wray
member since 2008
I love Harvard FCU because the staff are always COURTEOUS and HELPFUL. I truly appreciate the EASE of the application process for a loan or refinancing.
Glenda Best
member since 1994
I really love this bank. Banking here is like the era of "It's a Wonderful Life" experience. It is exclusive and feels it.
Cheda Martis
member since 2013
From the day I enrolled, to this day, I have been treated as though I am a part of your family. No matter what issue occurred, I felt unconditional support.
Pamela Beechinor
member since 2018
This institution has helped me with a lot of my financial needs. I love the credit union.  I always encouraged other people to join.
Charmaine Lawrence Henry
member since 2001
I feel grateful that Harvard FCU has been part of my graduate school journey. For an international student, having Harvard FCU as part of my process is such a blessing.
Naana Nkrumah-Ababio
member since 2021
I'm glad that I opened my account with Harvard FCU - the staff members are always friendly and helpful!!
Manami Uechi
member since 2018
As a family, we have benefited from this membership by getting great rates for car financing, traveling, including foreign travel and more.
Meryem Malik
member since 2019
Harvard FCU is not just a bank to me. It's an essential partner in the major milestones in my life! They've been there financially guiding me all along the way!
Olivia Percy
member since 2012
If I could give one piece of advice to new Harvard employees, it would be to join Harvard FCU!
Madeleine Straubel
member since 2011
Harvard FCU has made everything simple and convenient for me! They are always helpful and I thoroughly enjoy being a member.
Natalie McKennerney
member since 2015
Everything I’ve asked, the team has come through. I’m treated so much better than any bank.
Stephan Verardo
member since 2016
I love how easy it is to access my bank account. Their mobile apps make everything so accessible and I can always keep track of my expenses.
Li Fen Frothingham
member since 2018
Harvard FCU is all about human connection. Real people answer the phone, and real people are always available to discuss your financial options.
Miriam Perez-Putnam
member since 2016
As a forty year Mass General Hospital employee, one of the most important benefits is having the access to a world class credit union.
John Driscoll
member since 1985
In an age of bank conglomerates, I’m proud to be an Harvard FCU member. A bank with all of the benefits that treats its members well.
Meghan Stetson
member since 2011
I am so pleased with the outstanding customer service and the ease of connecting with an actual human when I have questions.
Ellen Boucher
Member since 2021
When I retired, I called Harvard FCU to see if I needed to change banking institutions and I was so happy when I was told, "once a member, always a member."
Mary Louise Corradino
Member since 2010
In my 10 years of adult banking, I have never come across a friendlier organization.
Satwik Mishra
Member since 2021
Wherever I have lived in the world I have been able to get in touch and get positive support from all of the Harvard FCU Team!
Maureen King
member since 1980
I’ve been with Harvard FCU over 20 years! They have been such a great bank for all my financial needs and everyone is always happy to help.
Sandra Wright
Member since 1999
Harvard FCU makes banking effortless! I know I will always find a kind representative on the other line when I call.
Lora Stoianova
member since 2014
From easy online banking to great customer service and refunds of ATM fees, Harvard FCU delivers on all promises!!
Elizabeth Donovan
member since 2013
I consider Harvard FCU as my family, I have been a member for 25-26 years and it has been my "go to" ever since
April Canlas
member since 1997
Harvard FCU is fantastic! The best customer service and great mobile apps!
Michael Huffman
member since 2015
The customer service at Harvard FCU is unmatched, which is one of the reasons we still bank with them despite having moved out of state!
Kaye Wierzbicki
member since 2008
I love Harvard FCU and the wide array of services they offer. My only regret is that I didn't switch sooner!
Walter Wrigley
member since 2019
Harvard FCU always has the best customer support and great rates!
Jeffrey Morgan
member since 2002
Our credit union is one of the smartest and best ways to make banking be a tool for your best life! You could not be in better hands!
Andrea Sabaroff
member since 2007
Even moving out of state, using Harvard FCU has been easy and convenient with mobile banking and the credit union network.
Katherine Aizpuru
member since 2014
Switching to Harvard FCU is the best decision we ever made. The staff is so friendly and the service is always quick, efficient, and personal.
Emily Lazowy
member since 2016
Harvard FCU has always been by my side to support my financial needs and goals! The staff always greets you with a smile and are happy to help in any way.
Sharon Gibson
Member since 1997
Harvard FCU hosts incredible and diverse webinars! I have learned so much about investing, homebuying, etc.
Melissa Zambrana
member since 2018
Harvard FCU helped me navigate financing my education, answering all my questions and making sure that I felt comfortable and secure.
David Romney
Member since 2018
I’ve had a wonderful experience with Harvard FCU. They offer a reliable, friendly, local service and great customer care!
Emma Kagan-Moore
member since 2015
Harvard FCU made it possible for me to be the first member of my family to earn a post-grad degree!
Michael Hornzell
member since 2019
Harvard FCU is the best banking experience I have ever had. I no longer use a traditional bank because Harvard FCU has exceeded my expectations.
Michelle Joseph
Member Since 2007
Harvard FCU has enabled the most meaningful moments of my life!
Pablo Maceiras
member since 2018
Harvard FCU has my back! I sing praises for compassionate, reliable banking.
Leslie MacPherson
member since 1989
Extremely responsive customer service and an easy-to-navigate app make Harvard FCU my #1 choice as an international student.
Bernard Koh
Member since 2021
Dealing with actual, nice, REAL people when you need customer service? That’s why I love Harvard FCU!
Richard Hinds
Member Since 2019
I love how I feel heard at Harvard FCU. I know that I am getting the best financial advice without any hidden agendas.
Jennifer Chin
Member Since 2018
It's not a bank! Harvard FCU reaches out with programs like home-buying seminars. It cares about its members and serves them.  
Geoffrey Beach
Member since 1997
Harvard FCU is always managed efficiently - no lines, no forms to fill out for minor transactions. I love the friendly, capable staff. Thank you.
Timothy Brown
Member since 2009
I love the personal service. I also think the products are among some of the best offered, in terms of interest rates and credit score.
Kathy Anderson
Member since 2012
Harvard FCU staff is friendly, the banking is simple, and your rates are great. This is a great service to all affiliates of Harvard.
Karim Galal
Member since 2013