Financial Independence: Why Managing Your Finances Matters

Hear from influential industry experts and investment advisors on everything you need to know about building and maintaining your credit and managing your investments as a student!

When & Where

Wintersession 2024 has concluded. All sessions were be held virtually. Check out each  individual session below!

Managing Credit

Presented by Amber Millar and our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness

Whether you want to know more about building credit from scratch, would like to improve your current credit score, or simply want to better understand how credit works, what impacts your credit score, and why credit even matters, this session is for you! We will cover why credit is important, what factors impact your credit score, what healthy credit habits look like, and also provide tips on how to build credit from scratch without going into a bunch of debt.


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Navigating Future Benefits

Presented by Elizabeth Rich and Harvard Benefits Office

Are you wondering what types of perks are important to you when thinking about your future career? Do you know the difference between Traditional and Roth IRAs? Do you know what an FSA is? Come and join us as we navigate the murky waters of employee benefits to help shine light on the types of fringe benefits you can expect to be offered when you begin your career in a new job.

Investing 101

Presented by Shahar Ziv

What is the difference between mutual funds and index funds? What’s a robo-advisor? Shahar Ziv, Harvard FCU Board Member and Harvard Business School alum, speaks about the foundational concepts of investing.

Investing Q&A

Presented by Raj Bhanshali

We’re thrilled to have Harvard Federal Credit Union’s very own brand new Financial Services Advisor, Raj Bhanshali, join us to answer any and all questions you have regarding the complex world of investing. We’ll be doing a live Q&A and terminology webinar to break down some of these complicated financial concepts and simplify them to help you get started on your journey to investment literacy.