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Accounts for Undergraduate and Graduate Student Clubs

Harvard Federal Credit Union (Harvard FCU) is proud to be officially recognized as the Checking and Share Savings Accounts provider for Harvard University’s Organizations.

As a Student Leader, your responsibilities include managing your student organization’s funds. Harvard FCU is the provider of your accounts; however, account usage policies are determined by your School’s Organization Office. Please contact your school if you have non-banking questions.

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Add Myself as a Signer

First Step:

Harvard College students: submit an account signer change request form on SOCO.Non-Harvard College students: follow steps from your school’s student org office to be authorized as a student signer.

Second Step:

Authorized signers (as determined by your school) will need to complete and upload the following:

  • Authorized Signer Form
  • Copy of your Harvard ID and government issued ID (U.S. Driver’s License or Passport)

Please allow up to five business days after your school has notified us that you are an Authorized signer for Harvard FCU to process your form. Only students authorized by their schools will be added to the account.

Request a Harvard FCU Debit Mastercard®

If current Authorized signers need to replace a debit card for whatever reason (card lost, stolen, expired, damaged, etc., they can request a new card by sending an email to studentorgs@harvardfcu.org. Only one debit card will be issued per account unless noted below*.


This request should not be used for new signer card requests. New signers should use the Authorized Signer Form mentioned above.


Debit cards will list the name of the organization (as listed on the account) and the authorized signer.

*HSDM and GSD are authorized a maximum of 2 debit cards; HLS a maximum of 3 debit cards and GSAS a maximum of 4 debit cards.

The following schools are not authorized by their school administrators to request debit cards: HBS, HMS, University-Wide Multi-School Organizations, Continuing Education or SEAS.

Log Into Online Banking

Our online banking system can only have two authorized contacts (signers) added to online banking. To request online banking access, authorized signers need to contact our Support Center (617-495-4460 or support@harvardfcu.org).

If more than two authorized signers need access to online banking, we recommend using the Student Organization’s email address as the email address on file. Should you need assistance or have any questions, please contact our Support Center at 617-495-4460 or support@harvardfcu.org.

If an authorized signer has logged in and needs to reset their password, please follow the prompts to reset password at https://my.huecu.org.

Send/Receive Money

Authorized signers will have online access to their accounts and can complete these tasks online at Harvard FCU.org or via our mobile app or visit a branch for assistance.

Video tutorials are available to help with online banking.

Authorized signers can pay bills and send money through online Bill Pay.

The following schools are not authorized, by their school administrators, to set up bill pay: Continuing Education, HDS, and HSPH.

If your Student Organization is expecting to receive donations or payments and needs to have funds deposited into the Student Organization account, the organization should attempt to request payment be sent directly via ACH Transfers by providing the vendor or donor the Student Organization account number and routing number listed on the checks or bank statements. Authorized signers may also complete an Incoming ACH form.

If a check is mailed to the school’s office (or the organization’s campus address), or another location where mobile check deposit is not possible, you may mail the check to us at Harvard FCU, PO Box 382609, Cambridge, MA 02238-2609. Please include a letter detailing the check amount, your name and contact information and which student organization account the check should be deposited into. Please do not include full account number, the last three digits (ex: XXX123) and full account name are sufficient.

To send or receive wires, authorized signers must come to a branch to complete the process. Two signers must be present for wire transfers over $5,000.

If students are unable to visit a branch, the school’s administrator may request that Harvard FCU process the wires electronically. The school administrator would need to completing this wire transfer form and submit the form with copies of two student ID through our document uploader.

Only the following schools are authorized, by their school administrators, to send wires: HBS, Harvard College, Athletics, and GSAS.

Student organizations may set up Zelle for their accounts. However, the contact information (mobile, phone, email) used in Zelle must match the contact information for the signer on the student organization account. If the information does not match, Zelle will not work properly.

The mobile number must be US based.

Please note that Zelle does not allow duplicate contact information. Therefore, if a phone number or email is already in use within Zelle (perhaps tied to your personal bank account), the Zelle transaction for the student organization account will not work.


Authorized signers may request standard (personal) checks* by completing the Check Order Form.

All checks over $5,000 will require two signatures. For checks of, or under, $5,000 please visit your school’s policy for number of required signatures.

The following schools are not authorized by their school administrators to request checks: HMS, Continuing Education and HSPH.

*HBS is authorized to order business checks.

Checks may be deposited via our Mobile App, at ATMs and in our branches. We have temporarily raised the daily limit on mobile check deposits from $5,000 to $10,000.

Account Changes

New account openings must be completed online by following the steps below.

To Open A New Account, Students Must:

  1. Have authorization from the school’s Student Organization Office to open a new account. Your school’s office will need to email studentorgs@harvardfcu.org to provide us with authorization of your new account opening. Please allow 5 business days after your school notifies us before following the steps below. We will be unable to open a new account without your school’s authorization.
  2. Upload the following documents:
    • New Organization Account Form
    • Authorized Signer Form
    • IRS letter with your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN/EIN) for your Organization (HBS and HLS may skip this step)
    • Copy of your Harvard ID and government issued ID (U.S. Driver’s License or Passport)
  3. Complete Next Steps Email.
    Students will receive the next steps email from Harvard FCU within three business days after completing Step 2. Email will include online banking and debit card delivery instructions.

Harvard FCU will fund student organization savings account with $5. HBS Students: the Student Clubs Office requires student clubs to open accounts with $100.

To Add A Checking Account, Students Must:

  1. Upload the following documents:
  2. Complete Next Steps Email.
    Students will receive the next steps email from Harvard FCU within three business days after completing Step 2.

To change the name of your student organization account, Harvard FCU will need students to provide

  • An updated Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN/EIN) Document showing new Student Organization name
  • A Completed Data Change Form