Calling all Harvard Students!

Our 2024 Wintersession Personal Finance Seminar concluded on January 16th and 18th! Attendees heard from personal finance experts on everything from building a strong credit score as a student to breaking into the world of investing.

In case you missed anything, you can watch the presentations or view the slides here!

Here are the presentations that were recorded:

Managing Credit 

Learn why credit is important, what impacts your score, and how to build healthy habits and a strong credit score from scratch! 

Navigating Future Benefits 

From FSAs to Roth IRAS, join us as we delve into employee benefits! 

Investing 101 

Are you new to investing? From mutual funds to index funds and robo-advisors, this is the session for you! 

Raj & Investing – Investing Q&A 

Ready to dive into the complexities of investing? Jumpstart your journey to investment literacy with this live Q&A 

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