Going shopping? Here is what you should do first.


1. Get Pre-Approved at Harvard FCU.

Getting pre-approved is easy using our simple online application. You don’t even need to know what type of car you’ll be buying. The application takes about 5 minutes and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day to let you know how much you are pre-approved to spend.

2. Choose Your Vehicle!

Before you step into your first dealership, thoroughly research the vehicles you’re interested in so you are familiar with options and prices. It’s also a good idea to brush up on your negotiating skills and educate yourself on the key “dos and don’ts” of buying a car.


3. Gather Your Documents.

  • Purchase and Sales Agreement from the dealership
  • Registration and Titling Form from the dealership
  • Insurance binder listing Harvard FCU as the lienholder from your insurance company

Please note: ​For private party sales, required documentation may differ.


4. Close on Your Loan!

Your loan closing can be done online or in person with one of our representatives. We will reach out to you once your loan is ready to be finalized.

1. The Green Auto Loan discount is only available to members that purchase a hybrid or electric (all-electric or battery-electric) vehicle.
2. Certain credit restrictions apply. 110% financing on auto loans is subject to credit review and a down payment could be required.
3. No Payment for 60 Days – Qualifying members may select to defer their first payment for 60 days from the loan funding date. Interest will accrue during deferral period and this offer is subject to credit union approval. This is optional, you may start paying your loan off right away. This option is only for automobiles.

Loan Example: $1,000.00 loan at 7.99% for 72 months. Monthly payment is $17.53 with total finance charges of $262.04 and total repayment of $1,262.04.

Subject to credit approval. Vehicle loans approved are subject to perfecting a security lien interest prior to loan closing on the pledged collateral. All owners of the vehicle will need to sign on the loan. We may not be able to offer financing on vehicles titled and registered in certain states outside of Massachusetts.

Note: Harvard FCU does not finance private party sales outside of MA.