Harvard FCU Hosts Saving and Home Buying Events

Harvard FCU recently hosted multi-day workshops for both America Saves Week and our Annual Home Buying Forum. Here’s a recap! Interested in attending upcoming workshops? Visit our Workshops Page. And, to view past presentations, check out our YouTube channel.

America Saves Week

America Saves Week is a national effort to help millions grow their savings by setting a reasonable savings plan and goals. Initiatives include prioritizing automating your savings, saving for the unexpected, saving for major milestones, paying down debt as a form of saving, and learning to save at any age. You can view articles on each of these topics at blog.harvardfcu.org.

This year, Harvard FCU hosted webinars on two major America Saves topics: debt repayment and saving at any age. Harvard FCU experts spoke on setting realistic debt repayment plans as well as learning to save at any age. Workshops took place on March 2nd and 3rd. Tips included choosing a debt repayment method that fits you and your lifestyle (is your life better suited to the snowball or avalanche method?), and modeling healthy savings habits in your home. You can view the recorded presentations here!

Home Buying Forum

It’s no secret that buying a home these days is stressful and in Massachusetts, the process has become increasingly more difficult, competitive and expensive. The competition is fierce among buyers and sellers. Sellers are increasing the sale of their home way above their value and sellers are willing to pull out their checking accounts to overpay, in an attempt to guarantee that the home will become their dream place to live. The Home Buying Forum spanned four days, March 7th through the 10th, and Harvard Federal Credit Union (Harvard FCU) took a deep dive and helped to dissect the process. Harvard FCU welcomed a panel of home-buying experts to speak on the ins and outs of buying a home. The 2023 Home Buying Forum was presented by Harvard FCU’s personal finance brand Thrive. You can view all four days of presentations on our YouTube channel!

Day one: Market Trends with a Real Estate Agent and Appraiser
Our panelists consisted of Kim Rudolf from Rudolf Appraisal Services, Inc. and Dino Confalone from Sotheby’s International Realty. They informed participants on the current climate of the market and where it’s predicted to go from the point of view of an appraiser and a seasoned real estate professional. View the recorded presentation here!

Day two: Tips from an Attorney and a Home Inspector
Attorney Sarah A. Ricciardelli, Esq. from Ricciardelli & Small, and home inspector Sean Rizzo from Tiger Home Inspection shared the ins and outs of buying your perfect home. They gave anecdotes on what to look for when you walk inside your potential dream home, examine the home beyond the surface, inside and out. Some of the findings can help save potential homebuyers a headache and financial issues down the line. View the recorded presentation here!

Day three: Home Buying Process
Harvard FCU Mortgage Loan Originators (MLO’s) Daisy Familia and Mike Levine, walked participants through the course of action to search for and finance their home. They presented a deep dive on all of the necessary steps to start the process, gather a team, what to expect, and the final results. View the recorded presentation here!

Day four: Affordable Path to Home Ownership
Harvard FCU Mortgage Loan Originators (MLO’s) Sharon Cummings and Helen Laskaris discussed financing options available for low to moderate income buyers. Also, City of Cambridge’s Antonia Finley provided different options for Affordable Housing Programs in Cambridge and nearby Boston and the requirements to participate in these programs. View the recorded presentation here!

Ryan Duckless, one of Harvard FCU’s MLO’s, lead the seminars for the four days. Duckless and the Harvard FCU team of MLO’s are here to assist you through every step of the home-buying process. You can view slides and recordings here on our YouTube Channel.

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