the Innovatorthe Collaboratorthe Producerthe Motivator
The Innovator uses powers of Creativity and Imagination to pursue new ideas that enhance Credit Union processes, workflow, and service. Keen Perceptive abilities allow the Innovator to identify opportunities for improvement and develop Inventive solutions.When it comes to advancing the Credit Union’s mission, The Collaborator Knows No Bounds. Wherever there is a co-worker, department, or project in need, the Collaborator will be there to Assist any way they can. Their exceptional ability to Engage and Cooperate with colleagues across the organization makes them a powerful ally.A master of Efficiency and avid Multi-Tasker, the Producer obliterates to-do lists with super-human Speed and Accuracy. The Producer’s powerful combination of Resourcefulness and Grit frequently leads to extraordinary feats of Productivity.Through phenomenal Enthusiasm and Dedication , the Motivator enhances the performance of everyone they come in contact with. With the power to Encourage and Inspire others in the face of daunting challenges, the Motivator is an invaluable proponent of the Credit Union’s mission.