Crush your student loans with these tools.

Step 1: Identify the type of education loan that you have.

  • Federal Loans: National Student Loan Data System will list your federal loans, including servicer contact information.
  • Federal, Private and State Loans: will list all loans under your name, including federal, private, and state loans reported to the credit bureaus.

Step 2: Understand the Benefits and Repayments Terms of Your Loan

  • Federal Loans: details
  • Private and State Loans: Review your loan disclosure documents or contact your lender for specifics regarding your loans.

Step 3: Compare Cost of Repayment Options

  • The U.S. Department of Education’s Repayment Estimator allows you to compare personalized federal repayment options.
  • Consolidation allows you to combine multiple federal loans into one loan.
  • Refinancing student loans allows you to combine federal, private and state loans into one loan.
  • Calculating the total cost of repayment will help you determine which repayment option may be best for your situation.
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