Cómo cerrar una cuenta:

Prior to closing an account with Harvard FCU you want to confirm that you have canceled all direct deposits, bill payments, or auto-debits in addition to verifying if applicable all checks have cleared your checking account.

Close a Specific Harvard FCU Account or Credit Card:

If you are looking to close a specific account and maintain your membership with Harvard FCU please log in to our online banking platform and click on the Message Center icon on the left side of the screen. Once in the message center, you can compose a message identifying the account you would like to close. If there is a balance in that account please identify which of your Harvard FCU accounts you would like those funds transferred to at the time of closing or the funds will be deposited into the share savings account. Please note you are required to maintain a share savings account with a $5.00 balance for membership with Harvard FCU.

Close Your Membership with Harvard FCU:

If you are looking to close your membership with Harvard FCU we are sorry to hear you’re thinking of leaving and would love to have you provide us feedback for this decision. If you would like to proceed with closing your membership account please complete our online membership closure request or visit a branch with a valid ID.

Cerrar una cuenta para un miembro fallecido:

If you are looking to close an account for a relative that has passed away please contact Harvard FCU directly at 617-495-4460 or by email at support@harvardfcu.org and provide the name of the deceased member to assist in determining the documentation needed to proceed with closing the membership account.